The Revelation Trilogy

“Elijah Daniel will rise from the dead. #NewMillennium #2ndComing,” the tweet read. Trog Davis had tried for years to forget his childhood friend, Elijah Daniel, Elijah’s crazy belief that he was one of the two witnesses prophesied in the Book of Revelation, and his ridiculous claim that he would be killed and resurrected. But now, Elijah is dead and the megachurch where he ministered is trumpeting the same prophecy across radio, television, and social media.

The Apocalypse is gaining followers and newspaper reporter Trog Davis must find the truth while contending with Joe Stoner, a State Trooper the church is blackmailing into providing muscle; Maria Tocci, a beautiful but devious reporter pursuing her own agenda; and a host of tattoo-wearing minions who all believe Elijah’s resurrection is proof that Christ’s return is near.

With just three and a half days to go before the prophesied resurrection, Trog must find out who is behind Elijah’s murder and divine their ultimate goal.

This is the premise and promise of The Revelation Trilogy, currently a work in progress. So far, the first two books are complete and the third is well underway. I am seeking representation.

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