Albert Davenport writes from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. For a short time, he occupied Flannery O’Connor’s Savannah basement – until he grew tired of fighting mold and emptying the dehumidifier twice a day. His story, Sisyphus, was born of his experiences in the museum “garden” apartment.

His work often examines those who toil at the edge of the American dream, sustain themselves on small victories and endure numerous defeats. He holds a MA in writing from Johns Hopkins University and is the author of the nonfiction short piece, Daedalus: A Tale of Savannah. His work has appeared in the Ragnarok Journal, and Better Than Starbucks.

He is also the author of two as yet unpublished novels, Revelation 11 and Continuing Revelation, the first two of a planned trilogy.

With his writing partner, Anniken Davenport, he is also at work on a non-fiction account of the near destruction of Baltimore’s Fell’s Point. Tentatively titled Saving Fell’s Point: How an Englishwoman, a Jazz Musician and a Senator Saved an American Treasure from the Wrecking Ball, the book will tell the story of a battle over an interstate highway extension that would have altered the history of the city of Baltimore forever. Here are real-life characters, an eccentric band of strangers brought together by happenstance, who take on ‘progress’ to save a uniquely American waterfront community where the ‘Three B’s” –  Boarding Houses, Bars and Brothels – once ruled. The fourth B – Bertha’s Mussels, the iconic Fell’s Point eatery, was the epicenter of the fight.

He is seeking representation.